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What guarantees do you offer?
Our Shade Sail cloths are guaranteed by the distributors for 10 years against UV breakdown.  Full replacement costs applies for the first 5 years and this reduces by 20% for each successive year after that ceasing at year 10. However for the bright colours (e.g. Sunset Red) the colour fade warranty is only three years full cover, reducing by a third over the next three years.

DriZ is guaranteed by the distributor for 5 years against UV breakdown.  Full replacement cost applies for the first year and reduces by 20% for each successive year ceasing at year 5.

All posts, supports and components are guaranteed against manufacturing and design defects for 3 years from date of installation.

What is excluded from the guarantees?
Damage caused by hail or snow.  We recommend that the sails be taken down if these conditions are likely.


Should I consider UV-R% Block-out?
Yes, this is very important. The higher the UV-R % block-out the more protection you will get. The Cancer Society recommends a minimum of 94% UV-R block-out.


How do I choose the right fabric?
All fabrics used by Shade Plus are from ranges that we know perform and are backed up by the suppliers. All you need to worry about is colour.


Will the material fade?
Most colours won't have noticeable fading within the 10 year warranty period.  The exceptions are bright colours, e.g. Sunset Red, which only has a fade fast warranty of 3 years.


Is my shade sail system waterproof?
No. Standard Shade cloth is porous so rainfall will filter through.  The amount of resistance to rainfall will be determined by the pitch on the material and the amount and type of rainfall. It is a similar experience to standing under the canopy of a tree, you get dripped on not rained on.

If you have a twin sail system, and the sails overlap, the area under that overlap provides more weather protection.

Is it possible to get a waterproof system?
Yes, we do provide waterproof systems. These are very useful in certain circumstances, particularly carports. Waterproof sails are also windproof so anchorage has to be much stronger due to the wind resistance.  Consider water run-off when choosing a location and pitch of the sail. Another consideration is the wind can drive rain under the sail.


What size Shade Sails do you have?
All our Shade Sails are custom designed and manufactured. We do not carry standard sizes.


How long will my system last?
The poles and fittings meet or exceed the Building Code.

Our expectation is that a well maintained Shade Sail will last 10-15 years. Click here for our fabric care page.


Should I take my sail down during winter, and if so, can I take it down myself?
If you live in an area prone to snowfall, yes.  The systems are not designed to withstand the weight of medium to heavy snowfall.

Taking your Shade Sail down will also help extend the life of the sail.

We provide clear and easy instructions on how to take your sail down and how to restore it. Click here for more info.


What about strong wind?
Our systems are designed to withstand up to 120 km p.h. winds*.  Provided the sail is tensioned correctly the sail will 'wave' as opposed to 'flap'.


Do I need a Building Consent?
Generally no, if the individual shade sail does not exceed 50 square metres.  However you do need to comply with your local resource consent rules. Please contact us for more information.


What is the biggest mistake people make with shade sails?
Most people do not make their shade sails big enough, having a sail that is too small will not give you enough shade. The best test is to put a string line up where you want the edge of the sail to be and watch the shade throw the string line gives. 


How long does it take to get my system installed?
Usually 3-4 weeks.  Peak summer season expect 4-6 weeks.  We do endeavour to finalise systems as soon as possible.  If it is an exceptionally complex shade sail system and design it might take longer to install, however we will advise you of this well in advance.


How much will a shade sail system cost?
Every system is different. Price depends on the number of anchor points, poles required, size of the sail and material used.  Our sales staff can give indicative prices on site and a firm quote once a site visit has been conducted and designs are presented for consideration.

A fully installed customised residential shade sail system is typically between $2000-$5500. 


* Conditions Apply
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